From: Darlene Agle
Subject: Please Pass HB 342 on powers and duties of the SBOE
Date: Fri Feb 21 18:51:26 MST 2014
I write to respectfully ask for your support of HB 342. Please pass this needed bill, specifically as it replaces Utah's subscription to Common Core with Utah-developed ELA and Math standards (27-29).
Though I am an involved parent, I am not a professional educator. I won't pretend to know beyond a doubt how good or bad the Common Core standards are. So, while I am prone to believe otherwise, let's pretend they are perfect: Assume that they are rigorous for all, that the new methodology proves effective, that the policies accompanying the standards do not discourage teachers from supplementing beyond the standards, and that the tests are not invasive and do not carry political slants.
Even under the assumption of perfection, I would strongly urge you to pass this bill on principle: A concerned parent, teacher, or LEA should not have to look any further than the state to adjust standards and policies placed on our kids and educators. We should not subscribe to outside, copyrighted standards, regardless of how much "wiggle room" we reserve for ourselves. 45 out of 50 states subscribing to the same standards belonging to a third party is highly suspicious and wrong on principle. 
As a non-expert, but a principled non-expert, I again respectfully ask that you please pass HB 342.
Thank you for your time and help,
Darlene Agle