Subject: Oppose HJR008
Date: Fri Feb 21 16:28:10 MST 2014
Dear Representative,
I would urge you to please oppose HJR008. We do not need a convention to amend the Constitution. For one, no one follows the Constitution now. What makes anyone think that adding more amendments would solve anything. As far as a balanced budget amendment, no one will balance the budget now. Why would an amendment matter? There would also be loopholes in it that with certain conditions, the budget lines could be ignored and over extended. There is no way to know who would be appointed to the convention as representatives. Would it be people who are currently serving in Washington? They are giving our country away now! Would the entire Constitution as we know it be at risk? It is no secret that the movement of this country has become socialist. We are losing so many freedoms on a day to day basis. Instead of rewriting a divinely inspired document, why don't we just make an effort to follow it! Please do all in your power to prevent Utah supporting this initiative.
Thank you for your time and consideration!
Kathy Kula