From: Richard Worley
To: Lee Perry,
Subject: 84325 "Please support funding for the UDEQ Indoor Radon Program."
Date: Thu Feb 13 00:38:05 MST 2014
Dear Member of the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee:

Please support the Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s building block request for $50,000 of ongoing funding for the Utah Indoor Radon Program.  Radon causes lung cancer based on sound scientific and epidemiological research.  It is know that radon levels in many Utah homes exceed the national average and often exceed the action level for recommended remediation. The ongoing funding is vital to support public education for people of Utah to make well informed decisions regarding the risks of radon exposure based on the best available science and how to reduce such risks.


Richard Worley
Petersboro, Utah