From: Andrew Rappl
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB37 - Protecting Public Water & Property Rights
Date: Tue Feb 11 19:33:24 MST 2014
House Rules Committee, I am happy to report that todays rally to support HB 37 had a great turnout. It was wonderful to see everyone come out and support what I believe to be a fair compromise between Utah's Sportsmen/women desire for public access to Utah's abundant waterways, while protecting property owners rights. The impact of HB37 is far reaching as the economic upside of fishing in UT to the tune of $865 million spent this past year. With fishing alone bringing in 3/4 of the amount that the Ski Industry ($1.128B) is, and when you add in bird-watching, kayaking and other river related activities it well exceeds that number. I appreciate your time and hope that you value our river ways and public access for the recreation users as well as the significant economic value that goes along with it. HB 37 needs support and as shown this morning, has that in the public sector. Passing of this bill would be truly appreciated and remembered during upcoming elections. Support for this bill continues to grow with numerous social networking pages addressing HB37, gaining momentum and acknowledgement of those political representatives who are looking out for public rights and access to our many wonderful rivers for future generations. Sincerely, Andrew Rappl