From: Kristen Chevrier
To: Kristen Chevrier,
Subject: Please VOTE NO on HB 96: State-funded preschool
Date: Tue Feb 11 18:20:48 MST 2014
I urge you to vote NO on HB96. We already know that "early learning" in a preschool environment is not only ineffective, but frequently counter-productive.
  • The "advantages" gained by early learning disappear by 1st grade.
  • The countries that are getting rave reviews on education don't start academics until age 8.
  • Numerous studies show that a school environment is NOT the best way for very young children to develop a love of love of learning, and that early academic exposure actually seems to lead to burn-out. (See "Einstein Never Used Flashcards"
We can't afford this; it will take business away from moms who are trying to support their families with private day care; it will put poor children at an even greater disadvantage scholastically. It's a bad idea.

Please vote NO.
Thank you!
Kristen Chevrier