From: Janice W Legler
To: Janice Legler,
Subject: HB-96 Utah School Readiness Initiative
Date: Tue Feb 11 16:29:30 MST 2014
Dear Representative, I am against the Preschool Bill, HB-96 Utah School Readiness Initiative because: • Head Start Impact Study shows that these type of programs are a waste of money • I am against the notion that children are better off away from parents at an early age • The bill is too vague regarding private investors and their role in the program • The invasion of privacy because of the tracking of individual children and their success or failure (provision to pay back investors with interest). • Funding of private preschools. Bottom line, this is just a bad, bad idea. Please vote NO to HB-96. Thank you, Janice Legler Kaysville, UT