From: Becci Pocock
To: Lee Perry,
Subject: HB 105
Date: Mon Feb 10 21:18:53 MST 2014
I am writing to ask you to please pass HB105 out of rules. I am an ICU nurse with an epileptic son. I already frequently give a drug called Marinol that is "marijuana based" to relieve the suffering of cancer patients. Marinol has been used safely and effectively for a long time and society has yet to collapse. If we can legally give a drug to relieve cancer nausea, vomiting and anorexia, why wouldn't we consider it to relieve damaging and traumatic seizures for innocent children. I have reviewed the literature and Alepsia has far fewer side effects than the drug I give my son currently. Please pass HB 105 out of rules. Thanks, Becci Pocock Salt Lake Regional Hospital