From: Joshua Cook
To: Dean Sanpei, Eric Weeks, Jerry Howe, Larry Wiley, Paul Ray, Val Peterson, Lee Perry, Curtis Oda, John G. Mathis, Brian King, Ken Ivory, Eric Hutchings,
Subject: Please let the Body hear HB105, pass HB105 out of rules.
Date: Mon Feb 10 20:44:43 MST 2014
Please, like most supporters, my 2 year old child has been suffering from epileptic seizures since the ripe old age of 6 mos.  Can you imagine having to do this for the rest of your lives?  Bounce from medicine to medicine with all their nasty and dangerous side effects or even worst having uncontrollable seizures that affect the way you sit, talk, learn, eat, and sleep (for heaven sakes not even able to sleep a full night without being woke up because of it).  Please give us the opportunity to at least try it to see if it works.  Thanks.
Joshua Cook