From: Lezlee Jones
Subject: HB 96 Utah School Readiness Initiative [Rep, G. Hughes]
Date: Sat Feb 08 04:42:28 MST 2014
Please vote NO on HB 96 Utah School Readiness Initiative.Other programs, i.e. Headstart, are in place for those parents who wish to have their children in institutional schooling at early ages, i.e. 3 and 4 years.   Children in those age brackets do better in a home setting with their parents.  Present academic achievement studies indicate that there are things 3 and 4 year olds need to learn in an informal play atmosphere along with direct experience teaching in normal daily home settings to learn right from wrong, self care, and helping out Mom, or Dad as the case may be.  The only reason to institutionalize learning at such a young age by taking these children out of their homes is to push a prescribed agenda with a specific preconceived outcome and give credence to the false notion that the State owns the child rather than the parent.  It would also, under the pretext of measuring learning success, violate family privacy by tracking these children.   Please vote NO on HB 96 Utah School Readiness Initiative. 

Lezlee C. Jones