From: Kim Adams
To: Don Ipson, now, mnoel, John Westwood, Brad Last, Kay Mciff, Jerry Anderson, Merrill Nelson, Marc Roberts, Michael Mckell, Francis Gibson, Rebecca Lockhart, Dean Sanpei, Jon Stanard, Keith Grover, Dana Layton, Val Peterson, Jon Cox, Brian Greene, Kay Christofferson, John G. Mathis, Kraig Powell, Melvin Brown, John Knotwell, Greg Hughes, Richard Cunningham, Robert Spendlove, Keven John Stratton, Ken Ivory, Marie Poulson, Steve Eliason, Tim Cosgrove, Earl Tanner, Jim Bird, Daniel McCay, Lynn Hemingway, Jim Dunnigan, Eric Hutchings, Carol Moss, Patrice Arent, Mark A. Wheatley, Johnny Anderson, Craig Hall, LaVar Christensen, Larry Wiley, Janice Fisher, Lee Perry, Brian King, Mike Kennedy, Angela Romero, Joel Briscoe, Rebecca Houck, Jennifer M. Seelig, Susan Duckworth, Doug Sagers, Becky Edwards, Jim Nielson, Roger Barrus, Stewart Barlow, Steve Handy, Brad Wilson, Curtis Oda, Paul Ray, wood, Brad Dee, Dixon Pitcher, Jeremy Peterson, Gage Froerer, Ryan Wilcox, Jacob Anderegg, Curt Webb, Edward Redd, Jack Draxler, David Lifferth, Ronda Menlove,
Subject: Fwd: HB 57
Date: Thu Feb 06 18:11:31 MST 2014

I am truly appalled that any of you could introduce (Rep. Romero) let alone vote for such a deplorable bill.  I am not sure how you actually live with yourselves or look at your reflection in the mirror every morning.  This is as inhumane a bill as you could have passed.  Furthermore, it has set back the cause of animal cruelty.  Each one of you that voted for this bill endorse inhuman treatment of animals. 
For the sake of your pets, I hope they never accidentally get out or lost...because by voting for this bill you just SIGNED THEIR DEATH CERTIFICATE.
I am sickened to know you "represent" anyone in Utah.  I pray the Senators of this state are more humane than any of you!
Obviously a voice not heard, and NOT represented by any of you!
Kim Adams
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From: Kim Adams <>
Date: Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 8:28 AM
Subject: HB 57

Ms. Romero:
Instead of introducing a bill on how to euthanize animals, and allowing animals to experience this cruel and unusual punishment, why don't you introduce a bill making ALL Utah shelter NO KILL? 
If gas chambers are cruel and unusual punishment for humans, then the same goes for animals.  God in no way intended for humans to destroy his creations, among them animals. 
This is what you think is ok?  This is what you think is helping?  Read the story below.  Gas chambers are no more humane for animals than they are for humans.  STOP the KILLING!

'Miracle Dog' that survived gas chamber heads to Rose Parade

Daniel will perform with other animal shelter survivors on a float sponsored by the Lucy Pet Foundation.
Daniel beagle

Photo: Lucy Pet Foundation/Vimeo

A beagle that survived the gas chamber is working to protect animals against inhumane forms of euthanasia, and the lucky dog will take his story of survival to the Rose Parade.
Daniel the beagle was 6 months old when he and 17 other dogs were placed in a gas chamber filled with carbon monoxide.
Workers at the Florence, Ala., animal control facility were surprised when the puppy emerged from the chamber with his tail wagging.
Volunteers took the "Miracle Dog" — they named him Daniel after the biblical figure who survived the lions' den — to the veterinarian and then reached out to animal-rescue groups to find Daniel a forever home.
The Eleventh Hour Rescue of Rockaway, N.J., took the puppy, and Daniel was soon adopted.
Daniel, who’s now 2 years old, has been living with motivational speaker Joe Dwyer and his four other rescue dogs in Nutley, N.J., ever since.
"He's definitely one of the most joyous, happy dogs I’ve ever met in my life," Dwyer told The Associated Press. "I think his positive attitude is why he’s survived."
But Daniel doesn't spend his days enjoying the lazy life of a spoiled dog. The beagle regularly attends rallies and fundraisers supporting legislative efforts to end the use of gas chambers.
Dwyer says Daniel's survival story has prompted laws in 31 states that protect shelter animals against inhumane euthanasia.
On New Year's Day, Daniel will be among eight shelter dogs riding on a Rose Parade float sponsored by the Lucy Pet Foundation. The beagle has been chosen as the organization's "spokesdog."
Daniel will perform his "high five to keep pets alive" trick and spend time with other animal shelter survivors during the parade.
An animal's chances of surviving a gas chamber are slim, according to the ASPCA, but variables that could allow a dog to live through it include the number of animals in the chamber, carbon monoxide concentration, whether the chamber is airtight, and the dog's health. Young, healthy animals have the best chance for survival.