From: Eric Wangsgaard
To: Lee Perry,
Subject: Yes on HB 37
Date: Thu Feb 06 00:59:21 MST 2014
Hello Lee, Thank you on behalf of the thousands of fishermen, kayakers, boaters, tubers, canoers, and water sports recreationalists of this great state, in advance, for sending HB37 to subcommittee. As a public representative of the great state of Utah, you are bound by a duty to serve and protect the rights of our state. In 2010 special interests took away recreational access to the rivers and streams that belong to all of us as Utahns, it's time that our elected officials right that wrong and give back recreational access to the public. The bill is based on an Idaho law that has been working for years, so there is nothing to review in rules, please do the right thing and send HB37 to subcommittee. Thank you, Eric Wangsgaard