From: Herbert Ley
To: Dean Sanpei, Ken Ivory, Eric Hutchings, Brian King, John G. Mathis, Curtis Oda, Lee Perry, Val Peterson, Paul Ray, Larry Wiley,
Subject: House Bill 37
Date: Tue Jan 28 20:33:56 MST 2014
Dear Representatives Sanpei, Ivory, Hutchings, King, Mathais, Oda, Perry, Peterson, Ray and Wiley (a.k.a. the House Rules Committee);
Please release Rep. Dixon Pitcher's House Bill 37 so that the 2014 Utah Legislature has the chance to do the RIGHT thing:  Vote for/against COMPROMISE to protect both public recreational right AND private property. 
It's time for the Utah Legislature to find a lasting, reasonable, rational and workable solution to the stream access conflict.  H.B.37 is that solution.  Please allow it to move forward to the Natural Resources Committee so that it can proceed to the Floor of the House for an up or down vote.
Thank you for all that you do!
Best regards,
Herbert L. Ley III, Ph.D.
3644 Yosemite Drive
Salt Lake City, UT  84108
(Unincorporated Salt Lake County)