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Subject: Jan. 14: Should states regulate 'ghost guns'?
Date: Tue Jan 14 15:40:42 MST 2014

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TOP NEWS Jan. 14, 2014

'Ghost gun' regulation pushed in California bill

NCSL's Jonathan Griffin quoted by Associated Press

The "ghost guns" that can slip through metal detectors and be assembled at home without safeguards are spurring efforts in California and elsewhere to bring these weapons and their owners out of the shadows.

Pushing full-day kindergarten


Arizona Daily Star

Saying she’s had enough excuses, Gov. Jan Brewer moved Monday to strip the trouble-plagued Child Protective Services away from the Department of Economic Security.

Virginia bill would provide alternative to layoffs

NCSL data cited in Roanoke Times

A bipartisan proposal originating in the state Senate would allow Virginia employers to temporarily reduce workers’ hours and protect their benefits, and permit the workers to receive unemployment compensation to partially replace lost wages. Check out NCSL's research on this issue.

Wisconsin capitol's first-floor doors open for first time since Sept. 11 attacks

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Gov. Scott Walker's administration announced Monday that it was opening the first-floor doors — the second floor in a typical building — that were closed for security reasons after the Sept. 11 terror attacks of 2001.

How affordable is the Affordable Care Act?


The promise of the Affordable Care Act is right there in its title: Affordable. Yet, anti-poverty agencies across the country fear that even with the federal financial assistance available under the law, health insurance will remain unaffordable for significant numbers of low-income Americans. Check out NCSL's research on this issue.



Voting for residents of long-term care facilities

Throughout the United States, residents of long-term care facilities have the right to vote. If going to the polls is difficult, these voters, like others, may request and vote an absentee ballot. Indeed, the most common way for residents of nursing homes or long-term care facilities to vote is through absentee voting.  

Jan. 17 webinar: Protecting student data privacy: What policymakers need to know

Parents, school officials and state policymakers are expressing concerns about who has access to student data and how that information is being used. During this webinar, we will hear from experts about these concerns and steps that state policymakers might take to ensure privacy and appropriate use of data.

What states are doing to regulate e-cigarettes/alternative nicotine products

Tobacco and its use have been regulated for decades. Reports of the negative public and personal health effects of traditional forms of tobacco use have increased consumer awareness. This, in turn, has encouraged people and companies to look for alternative or potentially safer forms of adult tobacco and nicotine use. Vaporizers, also known as digital, electronic or e-cigarettes, do not produce a combustible “smoke” like traditionally burned cigarettes, nor do they contain tar, a by-product of burning tobacco.

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