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Subject: Jan. 13: Chicken-and-egg dilemma complicates farm bill | Student privacy webinar
Date: Mon Jan 13 15:53:48 MST 2014

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TOP NEWS Jan. 13, 2014

California's humane-chicken act complicates U.S. farm bill

NCSL research cited by Bloomberg

First, California voters said chickens need more space to live. Now California lawmakers say the state’s stores can only sell eggs next year from hens raised in roomier quarters, and that’s got producers nationwide worried the law will cut into their profits.This chicken-and-egg dilemma could pose a risk to the rewrite of federal farm and nutrition programs, now nearing completion after two years of negotiations, because one member of Congress wants to resolve the issue with legislation.  Check out NCSL's position on this issue.

National strategy funds state political monopolies

The New York Times

Today, state and even local races increasingly are financed by checks written hundreds or thousands of miles away. A five-figure contribution from a Colorado energy executive passes through a bank account registered in Pennsylvania, where it is mixed with money that ends up in the campaign coffers of an attorney general candidate in Iowa.   

Gun reform wars may take center stage in 2014

NCSL'sJonathan Griffin quoted in USA TODAY

Both sides of the gun law debate have geared up to wage war across the country in 2014 using millions of dollars, midterm elections, opposing messaging strategies and dueling grassroots campaigns. This year, groups will focus on pouring money into candidates that support their ideals and changing or upholding laws in hotspots such as Colorado, Washington and Illinois.

Voucher limits a sticking point in Tennessee

NCSL data cited in Memphis Commercial Appeal

Lawmakers will decide soon whether Tennessee becomes the 14th state to allow taxpayer funding to pay for tuitions at private K-12 schools. Check out NCSL's research on this issue. 

Wisconsin legislators circulate 7-day workweek bill

Associated Press

Wisconsin manufacturing and retail workers could volunteer to work seven days straight without a day off under a bill two Republican lawmakers are circulating on behalf of the state’s largest business group.

School finance lawsuit hangs over Kansas legislative session
Wichita Eagle

With no decision yet from the Kansas Supreme Court on a mammoth school-finance lawsuit, state legislators will begin their annual session amid deep uncertainty over the dominant issue of the year.



Jan. 17 webinar: Protecting student data privacy: What policymakers need to know

Parents, school officials and state policymakers are expressing concerns about who has access to student data and how that information is being used. During this webinar, we will hear from experts about these concerns and steps that state policymakers might take to ensure privacy and appropriate use of data.

What states are doing to regulate e-cigarettes/alternative nicotine products

Tobacco and its use have been regulated for decades. Reports of the negative public and personal health effects of traditional forms of tobacco use have increased consumer awareness. This, in turn, has encouraged people and companies to look for alternative or potentially safer forms of adult tobacco and nicotine use. Vaporizers, also known as digital, electronic or e-cigarettes, do not produce a combustible “smoke” like traditionally burned cigarettes, nor do they contain tar, a by-product of burning tobacco.

Drones, big data and the cloud: Emerging legislative issues for 2014

Americans love their privacy, and privacy concerns are woven throughout many of these emerging trends. New technology—from social networking to online shopping to drone surveillance—is threatening the cherished right like never before. Policymakers are being asked to balance security concerns with personal safety, and to decide where to draw the line at what’s enough.

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