From: Steve Handy
To: Curtis Oda,
Subject: Re: Weber State Granting Same-Sex Benefits
Date: Tue Jan 07 00:17:58 MST 2014
Curt, hadn't thought of that but right. I have spent about 4 hours today proving that I am married!

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On Jan 6, 2014, at 5:00 PM, "Curtis Oda" <> wrote:

Yes, I'm curious as well.  I understand PEHP has allowed enrollment.
If we win the SCOTUS appeal, I feel they should have to reimburse our state coffers for what they spent.  
It is disconcerting since PEHP just required my wife amd me to prove we are married. Yet, they are allowing enrollment before they know for sure of the legality of same sex marriage!

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Date: 01/06/2014 3:40 PM (GMT-07:00)
To: Mike Christensen <>
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Subject: Weber State Granting Same-Sex Benefits


Can you please help me understand who makes such a decision so rapidly while things are still in flux, and how, for a state university where the State Constitution does not recognize same-sex marriage and the Supreme Court issued a stay?

How are these decisions made?  Who makes them?