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Subject: Dec. 18: Honey, we might shrink the legislature
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NCSL TODAY brings you the latest news from the capitols.

TOP NEWS Dec. 18, 2013

Pennsylvania House takes historic step toward shrinking size of General Assembly

Harrisburg Patriot News

The state House voted 148-50 to take the historic step of beginning the process of letting voters decide whether they want to amend the state constitution to reduce the size of that chamber from 203 members established by the 1968 constitutional convention to 153 members. Check out NCSL's research on this topic.

Like state, Alaska's oil producers predict declining production despite tax cut

Alaska Dispatch

Goodbye million-barrel objective. Hello billion-dollar deficits. Alaska oil companies' own numbers now back up state predictions that the amount of oil flowing through the trans-Alaska pipeline will continue to decline, despite a tax cut passed by the Alaska Legislature last session and set to go into effect in the new year.

Arizona Supreme Court allows candidates to accept larger donations

Arizona Daily Star

 In a brief order, the justices said the Republican-controlled Legislature was within its legal right to decide that contenders for statewide and legislative offices can take up to $4,000 from individuals and political action committees. The current limit is $440 for legislative candidates and $912 for those seeking statewide office.

Tax cuts, tax reform to resurface in legislatures in 2014


At least four governors will push to revamp their states’ tax systems in 2014, keeping the momentum going from this year when five states adopted major changes. Check out NCSL's research on this topic.

Commission recommends 16% pay raise for Maryland lawmakers

NCSL research cited by Southern Maryland Online

Maryland legislators elected next year would see their salaries rise to $50,330 in 2018, a 16% raise over the next four years recommended Monday by the General Assembly Compensation Commission. Check out NCSL's research on this issue.

California ballot measure would replace seniority with performance for teacher layoffs

Sacramento Bee

A ballot measure submitted by a political consultant for education advocate Michelle Rhee seeks to remove seniority as a factor when California school districts lay off teachers, requiring instead that decisions be based on performance and student test scores.



Plugged In: NCSL's energy newsletter

The current edition of NCSL's energy newsletter includes items on state efforts to increase consumer demand for zero-emission vehicles, solar surcharges in Arizona, expanding wind farms in Minnesota and a national decline in carbon dioxide emissions.

NCSL database tracks child care, education bills

The Early Care and Education database tracks and updates early care and education legislation from the 2008-2013 legislative sessions for 50 states and the territories. Issues include child care and child care financing, early childhood services, prekindergarten, professional development, home visiting, infants and toddlers, and financing early education. Legislation can be searched by state, topic, status, primary sponsor, bill number or keyword.

State Legislatures magazine: A wealth of public health

From the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to tiny county health departments, local, state and federal health agencies often are behind the scenes looking after the nation’s health and safety. By responding to disasters, vaccinating millions against diseases, and teaching the public how to avoid illness and injuries, public health agencies ensure the safety of everything from fresh produce to public places, and promote wellness from the workplace to the school yard.



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