From: Kelly Gneiting
To: Kelly Gneiting,
Subject: A Service to Utahans: Use Your Influence to Impeach Pres. Obama
Date: Wed Dec 11 20:38:32 MST 2013
The following letter was sent to members of the House:

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Norman Podhoretz states the following:

“The president may look incompetent on Syria. But his behavior fits his strategy to weaken America abroad.”

“But foreign policy was another matter. As a left-wing radical, Mr. Obama believed that the United States had almost always been a retrograde and destructive force in world affairs. Accordingly, the fundamental transformation he wished to achieve here was to reduce the country's power and influence. And just as he had to fend off the still-toxic socialist label at home, so he had to take care not to be stuck with the equally toxic "isolationist" label abroad.

This he did by camouflaging his retreats from the responsibilities bred by foreign entanglements as a new form of "engagement." At the same time, he relied on the war-weariness of the American people and the rise of isolationist sentiment (which, to be sure, dared not speak its name) on the left and right to get away with drastic cuts in the defense budget, with exiting entirely from Iraq and Afghanistan, and with "leading from behind" or using drones instead of troops whenever he was politically forced into military action.

The consequent erosion of American power was going very nicely when the unfortunately named Arab Spring presented the president with several juicy opportunities to speed up the process. First in Egypt, his incoherent moves resulted in a complete loss of American influence, and now, thanks to his handling of the Syrian crisis, he is bringing about a greater diminution of American power than he probably envisaged even in his wildest radical dreams.”

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It appears that Mr. Podhorest may be accusing our President of treason. Whether treason can be proved or not, there is ample evidence for impeachment on the basis of “High crimes and misdemeanors.”

We have challenged House members to file articles of impeachment. Will you defend our Constitutional Republic by contacting your Representative in the House and asking them to stand for impeachment? Will you use your influence in the Legislature to rally support for impeachment? The majority of your constituents are in favor of impeachment, the time is now to lead them.

Kelly Gneiting & other IAP Members in Utah

Independent American Party