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From: Kathy's Letters
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Date: 2014-02-22T20:47:56Z
The Aspen Institute in Aspen Colorado is where
government insider organizations (connected in
purpose) do policy for Education, Government,
Business, Homeland Security and even Train Congress.

They changed No Child Left Behind to Common Core.
I have their past internet sites on this that I printed off.

Our First Education Secretary Shirley Hufstedler was connected
to the Aspen Institute and is a Trustee.

There is an Aspen Institute in Germany and India and some other
countries.  It is international!!!! 

You would interested in the people who fund this organization.

They start with things like the National Governors Association etc. to
get things started in the states and make them think it is their idea.

You can visit on the web.   Do some internet searches:
Aspen Institute   Common Core
Aspen Institute      CCSSO    (alone....then do again & add News Brief)
Aspen Institute    Council of State Chiefs   (Then click on News Brief)

Aspen Institute has a connection to every state Superintendent in our nation.
I am sure Dr. Martell Menlove (whose photo showed up as Chief from Utah)
does not know the background of the Aspen Institute etc.

Cleon Skousen got a writer to go to the Aspen Institute and do a book about them
and told them they would give them a copy (just had their writings and people involved etc.).  I have one.  This was about 1973 when their writings said they wanted to
go global on education and less about U.S. Constitution etc. Some United Nations
people were listed as well.  Besides the book I have a lot of info on this.

Just wanted you to know that this is coming from the top down. 

You can call me if you would like more info or would like a few printed
pages in the mail.

I have studied government and education for decades and I have a lot of binders of info.

Kathlyn Astle
Mountain Green, UT
(801) 876-3225