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From: Malin Williams
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Support HB 342
Date: 2014-02-22T18:21:51Z
Mr. Ipson,

I was very pleased to learn of HB 342.  This bill would return local and state control to our educational system and standards.  Since the implementation of the common core in Utah we have lost many options concerning how to best help our students.  Students at both ends of the spectrum have been harmed.  Students with outstanding aptitude in math have been impeded.  We used to have the flexibility to easily accelerate our best students.  Now I worry that the AP Calculus program may disappear altogether as a result of the common core's one size fits all approach.

On the other hand, those students who struggle to learn math or who find themselves one or more years behind seem doomed to years of failure by the common core.  Hope is disappearing for many of these students.

I urge you to return hope, local control, and common sense to our schools by supporting HB 342.

Thank you,

Malin Williams
Head Football Coach
Level 4 Math Teacher
Enterprise High School

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