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From: Allan Hales
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Con Con
Date: 2014-02-22T14:59:46Z

Rep. Perry, 

    HJR 8 has been introduced, calling for an Article V Constitutional Convention.  Although this sounds like an effective way to take back control of a runaway congress according to Mark Levin and Michael Farris, two very outspoken supporters of the Con Con, please do not rush into this. First consider the fact that the founders scrapped the Articles of Confederation and gave us the US Constitution. These men were well schooled in governments and had been eyewitnesses to the abuses of government on its citizens. In the current language of Article V of the Constitution, there are NO RULES about how the convention is to be run or LIMITS. Because there are no rules, then the rule makers will be those direct the convention and I don't trust Harry Reid, John Boehner, and Obama--their voting records stink of socialism.

               We see in Congress that there is a House of Representative that is population based in its voting representation. We see the same in the Electoral College. So there is no reason not to think that Congressional representatives from states with large representations in the House, like California and New York, would want anything less than the same population based representation at an Article V Convention because that would give their state an advantage in votes at the Convention if called by Congress. Congress calls the convention, so who will decide the number of voting delegates from each state? 

            Those states with the smallest and most conservative populations will be outnumber by the populous liberal democratic welfare states and with Obama running amuck with illegal executive orders, who knows if he won’t try to exercise authority over the Con-Con.

            Our grand Constitution is not broken, Americans, it is the upholders of it who have fell silent amid the shrieks and cries of the dole-minded society of citizens who are being brainwashed and spoon feed from the government trough. Please do not support HJR 8 and a Constitutional Convention.


Allan Hales

Salem, UT