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From: loyhunt@comcast.net
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Common core Standards
Date: 2014-02-21T19:00:52Z

Please, please give your utmost attention to the Common Core Standards.  Getting rid of Common Core is a huge part of our future as a free nation.  There is not place for politics in our children's future.  I could go on and on about who is behind CCS and how it is illegal and how we will lose our State, local, and parental control.  It is an indoctrination venue to whomever may be in power at the time in Washington DC. It has nothing to do with educational standards and college readiness like they claim and everything to do with money and power.  If you have not studied CCS please do so ASAP and do it with the knowledge that there may not be anything more important right now.


#1 Please support and encourage colleagues  HB 81 Jared Carman has been working closely w/ Mike Kennedy and strongly supports this bill: "HB81 protects parental rights by allowing any parent to participate in the review process for the new SAGE (Common Core) tests. The bill protects test integrity via non-disclosure."


#2 The most important bill of this session - HB 342 -  

It’s in the House Rules Committee. Please  pass Dana Layton’s bill HB 342 on the Powers and Duties of the State Board of Education. This is the bill that lets Utah get its own unique state standards. It “requires the State Board of Education, on or before July 1, 2016, to adopt revised core curriculum standards for English language arts and mathematics that are developed specifically for Utah.”


#3 Please download a copy of Dr. Stotsky’s 2013 (standardshttp://alscw.org/news/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/2013_ELA_Curriculum_Framework.pdf) She was originally asked to be on the Common Core Standards Committee where she served until she figured out that these "standards" had nothing to do with education and everything to do with goverment control, data gathering and indoctrination of children and ultimately a nation. 

In 2001, Dr. Sandra Stotsky was one of the chief contributors to the Massachusetts ELA standards which put MA on track to become the consistent top scoring state on standardized exams. In 2010 those standards were reviewed by Fordham as part of their comparison to Common Core and they said this of Massachusetts’ “A-” rated ELA standards:   Dr. Stotsky has taken those excellent 2010 draft standards and made another revision with feedback from ALSCW (Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers) and has contributed it to the public domain. Any state could adopt these for free and they would have the best standards in the nation. Dr. Stotsky also has a standing offer to come to a state and work with the teachers in that state to create their own standards that would be the best in the nation.

let legislators know there is a free set of standards Utah could adopt that would make us the envy of the nation in a short time.

Imagine Utah having the best standards in the nation, and teachers free from the red tape, data tracking, etc…, free to teach children and look at the needs of the individual instead of the collective. Keep that vision and get on the email list at www.AgencyBasedEducation.org. It’s a very low volume email list for an organization with a unique vision of education. 



#4 Adopt California’s math standards since they are clearly better than Common Core and have the strong support of 144 Utah math-field related university professors.


Thank you,  Loy Ann Hunt  Logan Utah