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From: Gentry Gygi
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Please Pass HB 342 on Powers and Duties of the State Board of Education
Date: 2014-02-21T17:01:45Z

Dear Representative,

I am writing to strongly urge you to pass HB 342 by Representative Dana Layton.  This bill allows Utah to create its own standards in our children's education.  Common Core is flawed on many levels, it does not prepare our children for college or careers.  The love of reading from the classics is lost in Common Core, children are instead required to read large amounts of informational texts vs. literature that can help them learn and grow from fictional and nonfictional characters.  The math standards and incomplete and untested.

Please support this bill, be my voice and the voice of so many concerned and frustrated teachers an parents.

Thanks so much for your service

Gentry Gygi, SLC, UT