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From: Sierra Debenham
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Personal Request to Support Clean Air
Date: 2014-02-11T05:56:01Z
Greetings Legislators! 

As a medical student and an active voter of Salt Lake City, I urge you to use your influence as a legislator to work for clean air. This is something that will directly impact your own health and that of your children and your constituents. 

We don't have the luxury of ignoring how our actions shape the environment in Salt Lake City; we can literally see the effects of our folly, pooling in the valley in a murky cloud.

You have some extreme measures being put before you in the legislative session: the ban on wood burning, the strict industrial standards, the clean gasoline. Yes, these are extreme measures. However, our extreme circumstances require extreme efforts. 

Please be aware that certain industries within Salt Lake have a high economic interest in underplaying the air pollution problem here. Keep the long term in mind; while some lost opportunity in terms of industry now may seem a heavy burden to bear, the inversion will cost us much more in the long run in terms of lost economic opportunity and lost productivity due to increased health issues.

I am willing to pay higher taxes for cleaner gasoline. I am willing to forego the coziness of a winter fire in my home. I switched from driving an SUV to driving a hybrid when I moved here, because I realized how ludicrous it was to drive an SUV while complaining about the inversion. The majority of my friends and family in the valley are willing to do the same. 

As one of the 9,000 who signed the "Clean Air, No Excuses" petition, I fully support you in your work for clean air. I am grateful for the influence you have to make change and I hope you will use it well. 

Sierra Debenham, MSII
University of Utah School of Medicine