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Please tell me how to answer the math problem below that our children are expected to know and understand, because I can't figure it out. This is so wrong how we are turning a blind eye to the problems with Common Core.  Respectfully, DeAnna Hardy

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Subject: [UACC Petition] NY Revolts against Common Core

Today’ Common Core News
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NY Revolts against Common Core
It’s starting to look like New York, that bastion of right-wing extremists, err…, may be the first state to throw off Common Core. Having fully embraced it in all it’s glory, they’ve now seen first hand the damage it can cause to children. Here’s some clips.
Common Core’s Screwy Math
How to confus e children (and parents) 101.
The Hotel California of Public Education
Dr. Gary Thompson penned this article regarding the lawsuit just filed for the family whose child has been psychologically damaged as a result of Common Core and bad district policy. Ed Flint is the attorney representing Dr. and Mrs. T.  Dr. Thompson published this post publicly on Facebook. Ed Flint replied to it and I have included his comment below as well so that everyone can understand the gravity of this situation.
Oak Norton

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