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From: akema44@gmail.com
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Please hear Bill HB105
Date: 2014-02-10T21:07:24Z
This bill is so important to our children. I have to sit back and watch my daughter’s life slowly and painfully slip away from me. The FDA approved medication DOES NOT WORK for her. It actually makes her condition worse.

This is not a bill to legalize marijuana. But it is a bill to legalize a form of hemp, which is NOT THE SAME THING! It has been PROVEN to work on kids with epilepsy.

Help our kids have a chance to live a normal life without seizures. Help our kids to be able to go to the movies, on ride, to play at a friends house. Help our kids to have a chance to LIVE.

Thanks for your time.

Kim, parent of Adalee, 6, who can not walk or talk because of this debilitating condition.

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