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From: Don Worthington
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: I support HB 37
Date: 2014-02-10T17:02:57Z

I wanted to shoot you a quick email and let you know how important this bill is to me.  This issue around public rights was important enough that it is what motivated to be more involved in politics than any other issue.  In fact it was the driving force behind me becoming a state delegate for the last 4 years.


As a state delegate, I’ve paid more attention to the political process.  Being more involved has opened my eyes to how naïve I was to our whole political process, and how important it is to be involved.  There are some amazing great people who represent our state, but sadly I’ve seen firsthand on this issue, and others how big dollars and donations have influenced decisions.   You have difficult job of finding a balance between protecting public rights while maintaining our individual rights as citizens as well. I hope as representatives you look for compromise between what’s best for the state as a whole and what’s good for us as private individuals.

Like I mentioned,  I’ve followed this issue for the last 5 years and have seen the various legislation that’s been passed around the issue of public rights vs private property rights and this is by far the best bill that has the most compromise.  As a citizen of this great states it’s frustrating to not be able to enjoy and use something our state supreme court has said is a public resource.


I appreciate you doing all you can to move this Bill along, and support its approval.


All the best.

Don Worthington



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