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From: Johanna Miner
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: NO on HB96
Date: 2014-02-07T05:05:39Z
Thanks for representing us in the House this term.

I have great concerns about HB96.

Here are my reasons that this bill deserves a NO vote.

1. Government has no business tracking my children from ages 3 to 20 (line 84) They don't belong to the State. They belong to my family.

2. The social science data I've been reading shows that those countries who are excelling with education aren't starting their children in public schools until age 7 or 8. Why are we going backwards? (See"Boys Adrift" by Sax. He lists tons of studies and sources.) These early preschools in the past have failed miserably. Boys especially aren't ready for preschools. They're ready for their Moms. 

3. We have enough problems with funding education without adding in a couple extra years for kids who need to be home with their Moms. I'd rather see 5 million dollars spent on reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Let's strengthen families, not replace them with misplaced government programs.

Please vote NO on HB96.

Think about it.

Johanna Miner