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From: J Bennett
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: HB37
Date: 2014-01-28T23:55:06Z

Rep. Perry,

I urge you to support HB37 and move it into subcommittee.  This past summer   I had the opportunity to backpack into the Uinta mountains from the Upper Weber River trailhead.  While driving to the trailhead, I passed miles and miles of fenced land around the Weber River.  I recalled the many times that I had fished that same river as a teenager and a young man from areas that are no longer accessible.  It made me sad to think that my grandson would not have the same experiences that I had on this beautiful water.   I understand the concerns of the property owners, but they do not own the water .  I own a farm and the water rights are expensive.  If I want to use more water, I have to buy it.  I cannot just pump it out of the canal that flows past the farm.  


John Bennett

8919 Red Willow Circle

Sandy, Ut  84093