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From: Tom&Jane
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Utah's Off Road Community
Date: 2014-01-26T16:45:53Z
Dear Representative,

We are concerned with the land closures in the State of Utah by environmental/conservative groups like the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA).  This should be a grave concern to the State and the Legislator, these closures can be a huge loss to Utah's economy and the loss of jobs.  Every section of land that is closed by the actions of these environmental groups closes trails used by Mountain Bikers, Jeeps/4wheel drive vehicles, ATV's, UTV's, Motorcycles, if access was left up to the environmentalist, anything with wheels would not be allowed on Utah's Public Lands.  I would imagine these environmental groups are now trying or will try to shut down all the Back Country Winter Sports as well.

Off Road vehicle/Winter Back Country Sports use in Utah creates a lot of revenue for the State, in Hotels, Restaurants, Supplies, Gear, Repair Shops, Taxes, the list is endless.  We know people come from all over the World to Off Road in Utah, if these environmental groups are not stopped, all these back country activities that Utahans love, as well as the added revenue State and local economies enjoy could be lost.  Winter Back Country/Off Road use is a large industry in Utah, Utah cannot afford to lose jobs, we need to create more jobs.  These environmental groups want to put Utah back in the dark ages, they are already causing Job Losses/State Revenue by blocking the use of Utah's Natural Resources.  Let's put a stop to this, please move Utah forward.

Thanks for Your Time
Tom Foster
137E 1125 N
Hurricane Utah, 84737