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From: anglonevada@aol.com
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Advisory to FBI S.A..C Ms. Rook - FBI Agent Collin's COINTELPRO operation 1993
Date: 2013-12-16T20:39:23Z

Sent to Dr. William F. Pepper: First Advisory to FBI

Draft Pending Formating
Bill: The realities are mind boggling, but all of evidence. Just Banner facts. 

ATTN: S.A.C. Ms Rook
Utah FBI Salt Lake City

Dear Ms. Rook:

I refer below to the letters of Dr. William F. Pepper to FBI and Utah U.S. Attorneys. These are here to precede perhaps the most relevant items and factors as yet not of notice to you, nor highlighted as yet to William Pepper. These are now timely and urgent in order to place the Utah receivership of 1993 in context of prior events back to 1974. These evidence long-term adverse incidents, not explainable at the time, but now to be seen as long-term plan by powerful mining interests with FBI agents to acquire the Requa/Hoover Files, and that specifically evidenced the need to remove my control of them. The FBI agents evidenced were first noted with a visit from one in 1974 in Utah, as noted further below. He alleged my phone number had been found written on an SLA (re: Patty Hearst) hideout wall. That was not possible. Perhaps written into their records, or perhaps written on the wall by an FBI agent, but not otherwise. At the time I just forgot about that. Since my meetings in Utah in 1993 with FBI Agent Christman, however, it seems now clear as just that. Christman told me that --- at the same time of the SLA allegation -- I had been questioned and interviewed by a San Francisco police detective about a murder. Assuredly, that questioning also had never happened. It was also wholly fabricated in their records, or the interview was staged by someone claiming or set-up allegedly to be me. Both of those instances were at the same time that Getty Oil had been seeking access to the Requa/Hoover Files from my father, which I made sure was denied. If they or any other powerful mining interests wanted access to those files it was thus made clear I would need to be removed from the picture. This was the underlying reason for both those two incidents in an operation that failed. These evidence then, as I personally saw with them in my father's office, the strong desire of Getty Oil to obtain access to the Files. Later with Barrick Gold they went public on the information that my father had provided them in a consulting contract on the Mercur Mine he and Hoover had spent $1 million on in 1930s dollars --- and then Barrick/Getty made over a billion dollars in gold mining made possible by that data and the established gold reserves. 

Also to highlight now most of all are the actions of FBI Agent Collins in Utah prior to the receivership and afterwards.  Clearly and unmistakably to be seen is a "COINTELPRO" type operation (criminal to be sure) that Collins without question was organizing and conducting to assist the pending receivership. These are covered in Complaints to you some time ago and now to be put in context of other factors and evidence in the following. Agent Collins prevailed with lies and disinformation on many to gain their cooperation to advance the coming receivership. As evidenced he is rather assuredly the source of Ralph Requa's conveying to others that I had murdered four people. This is also the indicated method used by FBI on the Rev. Marsh who was made utterly frightened of myself and in an operation she stated "was secret", and thus not of  FOI records.

It is also now clear that many "ops" of corrupt FBI were deployed to disrupt and avert financing of all the mining efforts attempted after the receivership. One such is plainly evidenced in the email sent out by Belitsos in his efforts to instigate fraudulent legal actions in 2010 that prompted my complaint to FBI on Belitsos' Wire Frauds and Conspiracy to Defraud. The same has now occurred by Belitsos on Davis with allegations I had been charged with fraud -- a complete fiction, that I believe was instigated by corrupt FBI influence, as was the influence on Davis by Mr. Marks.

With Roger Bowers' interview recordings from about 2000, this covert operation is also to be seen with several other FBI agents at multiple FBI offices, with the calls and allegations Bowers received from them. Roger Bowers' own statements, demonstrably false and fictitious, can only be judged as also to have been "coached" and fabricated with some expertise in defamation and FBI "COINTELOPRO", heretofore thought outlawed after J. Edgar Hoover.  Bowers could not have made such ludicrous statements all on his own, especially with all his totally contradictory prior assessments.  

Likewise, the emails to FBI and others as recently sent by Steven Davis also contradict totally his years of emails to me.  In most of all these recent Davis events, the presence of FBI influence is either directly indicated, as was with Agent Collins, or easily assumed. I believe it is rather evident that Davis was targeted by FBI organized actions, whether covertly or not.  Davis' "turn-coat" and offensive statements, after so many years of very amicable emails, are similar to Bowers' after FBI agents now plainly seen in recording,  coached and corrupted him, and with Davis now associated in emails with Bowers, Ralph Requa, and Belitsos -- and now having been prevailed upon by Belitsos, someone new to him, with now demonstrably fictitious allegations of my having been "charged with fraud". Belitsos was first evidenced as an "op" in 2010 as stated in my complaint. Davis had just previously had written the following: 

From: Steve Davis
To: anglonevada... Steve Davis
Sent: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 14:34
Subject: Re: Victoria Mine - 1800-1920 Largest Copper Mine
“...Roger Bowers knows nothing of my relationship with you. I left a message on his phone
dealing with his Geothermal participation with the University of Utah......as a cover to obtain as
much up-dated information since th e dinner meeting last year.
“I have no fear that I can get Roger Bowers to confess and cut a secret deal with me to take
down those (RQN, Kirton*McConkie, Zions bank) which did all the dirty work behind the
back of my father.......remember, Mormons believe they are "gods" and are justified in the
Name of god.

The rather evident conclusion now is that Davis did try to make Roger Bowers confess and do a secret deal with him to take down RQN and the other law offices, whereupon he discovered that Bowers had been corrupted not by RQN but in FBI Agent Collins' operation -- and that it was being done for far larger interests than RQN and with a number of corrupt FBI agents, such as those who called Bowers. Faced with all the experience and might of such an FBI operation for the largest of corporations, Davis quickly caved in and joined them. RQN did not organize the receivership fraud. FBI agent Collins did with many things here to be noted. The falsified historical records noted above, and Agent Collins' defamation and smear campaign in 1993 along with his unquestionable observed effort with Dorius and Bean to falsify Utah corporate filings on Banner make quite clear now that a covert long-term effort by mining interests to obtain access to the Requa/Hoover Files had employed for some time corrupted FBI agents.

One key aspect of the Medley Court Fraud was the use of allegations I was mentally deranged, most notably in Ralph Requa's fraudulent court action alleging I was threatening my mother. This perjured court action was instigated to use in the receivership complaint. Rather assuredly it was instigated by Agent Collins after telling Ralph Requa that I had murdered four people. We may thus focus on the realities of how and why the receivership was instigated overnight with no material evidence. All but one of the signatories to it were being complained about for securities racketeering based in San Francisco and Vancouver. The lead signatory, Lionel Toriello, is well documented on many grounds as perjuring that complaint, as evidenced by the Documents section of my book.

On January 7, 2013, Dr. Pepper wrote regarding the "baseless" receivership on Banner International entered ex parte and overnight on July 20, 1993 in the absence of any material evidence and alleging falsely there were no corporate or financial records. Dr. Pepper has, however, recovered one complete bound set of them; and, I also had sent one set of them to Utah in 1993 to Earl Dorius who then gave them to FBI Agent Collins which evidenced his role in the events and things to come. 

In Utah in 1993 I discussed these records  by phone with Agent Collins. That conversation made it evident that Agent Collins was attempting to falsify and decimate Banner corporate filings at the Utah corporations office (apparently to precede and facilitate the planned receivership shortly to come) as detailed in Criminal Complaint to you against Collins and as narrated in my book.  I knew then that corrupt FBI agents were involved and dealing with Dorius, my late cousin Mike Bean, and with my brother Ralph Requa to assist the coming fraudulent receivership). A "game plan" was evidenced with Collins, Dorius, and my cousin Mike Bean. It became clear in that conversation that their plan was to falsify Banner corporate filings at the Utah state corporations office. Their absence in the coming receivership and afterwards was to be needed. But I made it impossible to sustain that scheme and it failed.

Following is the first Pepper letter of January 7, 2013.

I have collected irrefutable evidence and recordings in proof that FBI agents were adversely manipulating persons in Utah, with gross fabrications, to accomplish the receivership. The well-evidenced manipulations on people in Utah, starting with Agent Collins with Dorius and Mike Bean was plainly seen in 1993. Later recorded evidence was obtained from London that FBI agents were continuing "COINTELPRO" type operations against myself and the Banner shareholder interest. A transcript of some of these follows.
Dr. Pepper presently writes in follow-up that lack of action since that letter now "compels a new law enforcement team" with the Utah FBI and notes the Medley Court Receivership requiring investigation since in all respects it was unlawful and only served as a diversion then to the theft of the Requa/Hoover Files which he also states require locating. As of his letter of January 7, 2013 we had determined the files to have been in the 1990's at law offices of RQN. We have confirmed this of photographic evidence as provided with the several criminal complaints to be seen at www.bandevcorp.com most noteworthy being the following: 

I believe I can make it clear to you, to most FBI, and to all others how such a "baseless" receivership came to be and how and why lack of action by the FBI during the past year and ever since 1993 has occurred. It is indicated by the timeline of facts beginning with the above mentioned about 1974 and with Agent Christman in 1993.  Most importantly is the fact that the R/H Files comprised a "strategic resource asset" for the hemisphere from which countless major gold mines and all mines could be located and developed.  They were compiled over more than 50 years at an expense of more than $100 million. 

The creation of these files was even envisioned in 1917 when primarily the founders and directors of the Federal Reserve Bank brought Mark L. Requa and Herbert Hoover together. They were selected to be brought together because they were the most accomplished mining engineers in the world, whom they were planning eventually to be financed and to commence gathering the most important mining data and the maximum amount that they could. They commenced this after Herbert Hoover's term in office with my grandfather having been his campaign manager.The expense of $100 million was provided by financiers associated with the Federal Reserve bank. The creation of the Requa/Hoover files had been long in planning. 

Also long in planning after 1974 was the theft of those files, a strategic asset of enormous interest to the most wealthy. In 1983 Barrick Gold went public on Requa/Hoover data on gold reserves based on $1 million expended at Mercur Utah by Requa/Hoover in the 1930s, and then provided to them via Getty Oil by my father. One file from thousands allowed Barrick to develope a mine and go public with into the billions of dollars produced. Efforts by some to obtain all the files started in 1974. They were finally stolen in 1993 by the Medley Court chicanery and sent to RQN to be evaluated by Dr. Clyde Davis, whose son gave us the Sworn Affidavit about this which prompted the January 7 letter of Dr. Pepper stating that:  "The evidence clearly indicates that a continuing crime has been committed" and called for FBI investigations into the entire matter of the Medley Receivership after which it was possible to covertly steal the files and strip Banner of all its other assets by the corrupt receiver Caspar and Roger Bowers against whom the recent Criminal Complaints have been made. The recorded evidence of a most extraordinary range of libels and gross falsehoods on myself and Banner, totally contradicting his many statements previously, has been provided in the Complaint. Also contained in his recorded comments are many references to several FBI agents at multiple offices calling to tell him that I was wanted by the FBI as a fugitive and being sought for questioning regarding the BLM bombing at Reno in November 1993. The fact was, however, that I was seeking to meet FBI agents then in London, including Jakie Zapocosta who was referred to me by Ernie Herbert, a Utah Agent.

The only conclusion possible I believe is that the same group of corrupt FBI agents related to Agent Collins in Utah were attempting to assuage Bowers' fears that he might be exposed with any honest FBI investigations being prompted into his own gross falsehoods (and alleged criminal misrepresentations and libels) he had employed for the Utah Court Frauds. These are all seen also in the recorded interview of about 2000. All Bowers' statements are easily seen by almost anyone as contrived and scripted. Most are plainly absurd and irrational aside from contradicting all his prior assessments of record. With many instances of such with several others in Utah during the court frauds there, with proven FBI agent falsehoods and great libels, and with several FBI agents from various  offices, it is evident that all Bowers' recorded falsehoods had been scripted by FBI agents in Utah associated with Agent Collins. Bowers could not have made them all up on his own. Persons with experience in that were required.

I no longer believe RQN organized the receivership fraud, although it surely knew it was occurring and cooperated and greatly benefited from it. They did get the R/H Files. But it is now I believe conclusively of evidence that it was planned, instigated, and accomplished primarily by one Utah FBI agents, most certainly by Agent Collins, and perhaps some others who may or may not have known the criminal intrigue that was transpiring. Agent Collins was certainly involved in having Banner International corporate records at the Utah corporations office decimated and removed from public access. I was able to demand them to be produced from a covert storage drawer where they were unavailable to be seen, all as narrated in the following and in the Criminal Complaint
http://www.greatgoldgrab.com/chap_12_13.pdfagainst him.

Stephen H. Requa