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From: Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM)
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Are you keeping the holidays American-made?
Date: 2013-12-12T17:39:49Z

Have you ever tried to find an American-made holiday gift?

Dear Friend:

We have. And it is easier than you might think ... with the right strategy. In the Huffington Post yesterday, we've published five tips -- and plenty of links -- to get you started. 

My co-author is Alex Bogusky, who is the guy behind many of the most creative TV ads you've seen over the past decade. He's now advising the Made Movement, and wants to add a million American jobs through consumer power. I want to add a million American jobs through smart public policies. Together, that's a lot of jobs. And you have a role to play in making it happen.

It all starts with the gifts you give this holiday season. We've got plenty of ideas on how to find an awesome Made in America gift, whether you're shopping at big box stores, patronizing local makers, hunting online, or even buying brand names. There's something for everyone. So give it a read, and then share it with your friends. We promise: It will bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones and help bring jobs home to America.

We've also dedicated a webpage at AAM to dozens of great Made in America gift ideas. You should take a look. And remember: Start with one more American-made gift than you were planning to give. And you'll want to do more. 

A consumer movement and smart policies; that's a powerful combination, one that can bring jobs home. Happy holidays, and happy shopping!


Scott Paul
President, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM)

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