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From: Trenton Weekes
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Please, before it's to late.
Date: 2013-12-11T20:25:19Z
As you know, this country is facing a lot of problems right now.  Most are caused by governmental forces acting outside their scope.  The reason I am emailing you today is in regard to the threat facing our volunteer firefighters by Obamacare.

In the United States, 80% of firefighters are volunteers.  That means no pay.  Here is Utah that statistic is true.  As you know, this is a state plagued by wildland fires in the summer, and vehicle accidents in the winter.  Those that provide life saving and preserving services are of the most part, volunteers.

With Obamacare comes a disturbing requirement for volunteer fire departments to provide full health benefits for the volunteers.  This will destroy them, as most barely have enough money to keep their doors open.  Forget upgrades, and the newest, most effective gear and equipment to protect our communities.  We run gear, equipment, and rigs over 20 years old because it's the only thing we can afford.  The repairs and upkeep frequently comes out of the pocket of the volunteers themselves.

When we signed up to be volunteers, we knew there would be no pay, we knew there would be no compensation or benefits. But still we did it.  Most of us signed up BECAUSE there was no pay or benefits.  We volunteer because these are OUR communities.  These are OUR neighbors, friends and family.

Dang near all of us get health benefits from our public/private sector employers as it is.  This requirement will force the closure of 90% of volunteer departments, we will see emergencies go unanswered, we will see suffering, loss of property, and loss of life like we have never seen before.  Because of this, many volunteers will start to freelance, simply because, it needs done.  People need saved, fires need to be put out, and emergencies need someone that will fight back against the dark.

Our politicians in Washington DC are proving to be a majority of spineless, gutless, yellow bellied yes men.  Willing to throw the American people to the wolves to simply save their skins and preserve their own perverted power.

As a state, we need to stand up and say together, we will not risk our peoples lives and safety for a failed, flawed and foolish law.  We need to show the pretended king and his hoard of butt kissing court jesters that freedom and liberty win here.  That we value the lives and the liberties of our people.  And YOU need to show your constituents that you stand with them.

We need to pass a law nullifying preferably the whole law.  Of at least this part of the law that will shut down our volunteers fire departments.

Do the right thing, and what needs to be done.  Before we as a people are forced to.

Trenton Weekes