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From: media-action-plus@hushmail.com
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: WF Pepper taking down Utah FBI faction: Hunt / Hoover FBI Criminals
Date: 2013-12-11T20:10:14Z
Attachments: The_Bombshell_for_the_FBI.pdf , Body:

ATTN: (Journalist): Our Range of Media Assets & Resources: W.F. Pepper Assuredly Soon to be Front Pages all over World

Re: Further regarding item sent today entitled "The Bombshell for the FBI" which is also further bellow. It can be confidently assumed now that a major theater-calibre documentary is now possible to be leveraged up (with initial planning now) and with preceding DVD productions (of various angles) to see on-line, possibly sold by you, produced by you, and most auspiciously first focusing on William Pepper's trial on MLK assassination 1999 for the King Family. It and its verdict against the government has been vehemently suppressed because it is, to be sure, THE most damaging totally accurate and comprehensive indictment of organized criminal elements in the U.S. government, as sequestered in the FBI and first court-tested with an historic jury verdict recognizing what was made clear by 70 witness and a range of evidence. 

This is impossible to dismiss as "conspiracy theory". It is a monumentally proven and court-tested matrix of the most egregious possible conspiracy facts, with a jury verdict agreeing with those who organized the MLK assassination --- with H.L Hunt and J.Edgar Hoover at the center of it. Their legacy lives on in a very criminalized FBI network still capable of committing any crimes it likes for the same on-going interests behind that assassination --- the ongoing Hunts with their augmented successors. All this is evidenced and updated to Utah events from 1993 to the present, now with website pdfs: 
With our first now clickable item on line: "The Bombshell for the FBI"  How great can it get!
All pdf Complaints to be seen at home page of: www.greatgoldgrab.com

There to be seen at bottom right in pdf list clickable above and attached:
 "The Bombshell for the FBI" and adjacent the latest Criminal Complaint to see on left. Clickable at:

Thus, it's all out there now, and surely to mushroom, likely beyond any expectations, and very soon to be sure. This is "The Bombshell for the FBI" from which its sequestered special-interest FBI criminals and their sponsors cannot survive. They will now be quickly identified, their criminal agendas exposed, and their criminally-acquired assets seized or put under benign control. William Pepper's investigations on Utah Court crimes, his letters to Utah U.S. Attorneys and FBI, and his acquired recognition and clout from his 1999 MLK Memphis Trial, and now with other historic present court cases, will unavoidably prevail. His first letter may be seen at: 
With current letter attached.

The recording on Roger Bowers as also contained in links from some years ago as transcribe in the links here contained, is unimaginably evidenced crimes from several FBI offices evidencing their skills of criminal libel, and fabrications about the FBI itself. This transcription in the above links provides a riveting view of how large and utterly criminal the surviving H.L. Hunt / J.Edgar Hoover-FBI / Mafia / and related corrupt Military network of criminals in the FBI really are. It all started with H.L. Hunt's red-phone private line to J. Edgar Hoover in his FBI office.
As increasingly clear from that, and now presently from Utah events, H.L. Hunt and J. Edgar Hoover established a network of covert criminally-allied FBI agents with license to commit any crimes they desire --- and they did so first of comprehensive court tested evidence with the MLK Assassination and its cover-ups. 

This Trial and verdict must now be recognized as the number one available evidence and weapon that humanity has to defeat the world-wide fascist/organised -criminal matrix, now sequestered in the countless FBI offices, government agencies, and in other entities, corporations, organizations, and universities of which you are very familiar.

 Pepper's work now does it all to start the collapse of one of the largest criminal foundations in the world; and, his Memphis jury trial, verdict, related books, and now with the new powerful evidence for the continuing presence of the H.L. Hunt / J. Edgar Hoover / Mafia-allied continuing corrupt and covert FBI network. 

It is clear that H.L. Hunt was de facto in control of the FBI when he so desired and working hand-in-glove with the top-most Mafia dons. Behind them were Big Oil and the war-profiteering elements in the Pentagon.  The suppression of these facts and 1999 Trial is a story and exposure in itself of how the major criminals control the U.S. Mainline media, as it happened to start with with H.L Hunt and J.Edgar Hoover as detailed in Pepper's book "Act or State" as attached with their private red-phone line from Dallas to FBI Headquarters. Any time Hunt wanted Hoover and his FBI to do something or not he just picked up his desktop red-phone. Thus began the most egregious of world crime syndicates all now crashing down thanks to court cases and $1 million + investigations by Dr. William F. Pepper.

Media Assets in Hand:

Agreement on documentary products with William Pepper on his MLK and RFK/Sirhan cases

DVDs of all Memphis court proceeding and witness testimonies;
Interview sequences with William Pepper;
Correspondence with Pepper 1999 to present including details of all Pepper cases;

300 emails with attached documents from Dr. Robert Cutler on his restoration of Jane Stanford 1905 
       Inguest ruling her death as murder by strychnine poisoning;

Roger Bowers recording on extensive evidence for criminal misrepresentations by numerous FBI agents and offices; and with evident coaching by FBI for extensive libels; (recording thus being priceless and insurmountable; as indicating Bowers was in employ of Hunts and their FBI criminal network;

Documents seen in book Great American Gold Grab: evidencing FBI involved criminal suppression of corporate records and financials of Banner International;http://www.greatgoldgrab.com/Documents_file.pdf

Criminal Complaints made to FBI in PDFs at home page: www.greatgoldgrab.com

Book Chapters on FBI crimes: http://www.greatgoldgrab.com/chap_12_13.pdf
Later extensive dealings with FBI: http://www.greatgoldgrab.com/excerpt_chap_18.pdf

The discovered $100 million bribe made to TR Roosevelt to election rig to insure passage of Federal Reserve Act:
See Home Page www.murderingjane.com