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From: banner-international@hush.com
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Necessary Advisory: Utah FBI/Legislature/Shareholder
Date: 2013-12-03T02:08:56Z
Attachments: Addendum_Complaint_Bowers_et.al[1].pdf , Body:
Necessary Advisory: Utah FBI/Legislature/Shareholders 1987 to Present

It is assuredly recognized now by all rational persons having viewed the pervasive evidence provided in the Criminal Complaint of today against Messrs. Bowers, Caspar, Ralph Requa,and Belitsos that the Receivership imposed on Banner International by the Utah Medley Court in 1993 was a criminal charade (and knowingly as such by Judge Medley) in all respects, that was created covertly by persons at the law firm of Ray Quinney & Nebekker at that time for the primary purpose of a cover and deception for the theft of the Requa/Hoover Files, as detailing thousands of mining sites and indeed which had provided the data enabling Barrick Gold to go public in 1983.

That Caspar and Bowers were not legitimate persons for any legitimate receivership is now irrefutably now perfectly clear. Their purpose was to destroy Banner International and defraud all its assets, essentially as quickly as possible, for the interests of certain persons in control of RQN which then did in fact obtain the Requa/Hoover Files. This is now irrefutably of evidence, with the also now irrefutably identified "pay-off" engineered for Bowers (certain minng claims) by judicial slights of hand by Caspar, Bowers, Medley, and others.
No rational person with the evidence now detailed in all respects can conclude otherwise.

The evidence of also irrefutable nature is that corrupt FBI persons were involved during 1993 (and strongly suspected presently) as here to be detailed. Of evidence also, now known by FBI, U.S. Attorneys, and others is that the already-alleged and otherwise also well-evidenced libels employed against this Complainant initially in 1993 by Bowers, Ralph Requa, and Caspar have been emplyed anew for purposes of new deceptions and intended criminal manipulation upon Affiant Mr. Steven Daviswho had also written the following further below to us.

One of the criminal libels and fraudulent court actions now alleged and previously alleged and of certainty employed by original pre-receivership conspirators and as included in the 1993 receivership complaint that was enacted ex parte and overnight was that this Complainant was "threatening his mother" as alleged by Ralph Requa in here emphatically alleged perjury to a Utah Court and alleged criminal fraud upon that court, as narrated and detailed at:

Perhaps most profitably now as of first order for such honest FBI as there may be should be to ascertain who employed, directed, induced Ralph Requa to engage in this emphatically alleged perjury and fraud upon a Utah Court as emphatically is alleged to have been a part of the receivership scheme soon to come, as indeed it was to be included in the also emphatically alleged complete fraud of the Receivership Complaint acted on ex parte overnight, thus ipso facto as a crime.

The primnary suspects in criminally thus engaging Ralph Requa are thus persons from RQN and/or the known corrupt FBI person(s) as detailed in the above linked book chapter: http://www.greatgoldgrab.com/chap_12_13.pdf
and also are the subject of this Criminal Complaint to U.S. Attornes and FBO of Utah:
Herein FBI Agent Collins is named as the Agent X of the published book.

The recordings of Agent Collins in threats to a London jounalist may be seen at the following video link together with other plainly corrupt FBI actions in Utah upon the Rev. Caryl Marsh and also in California upon Commander O'Keefe, with Agent Collins recording comencing at 3:28 minute mark of link through 5:40 minute mark. Lawyer William Pepper recovering a copy of the receivership-stolen-suppresed Banner corporate and financial records is to be seen commencing at 6:40 minute mark and recording of the Rev. Marsh comenting on now alleged criminal FBI pressures upon her commence at 7:19 minute mark. Plainly irregular actions of FBI in California regarding a non-existent Utah issue comence with recording of Commander O'Keefe at Sam Mateo County Sherrif's Office. These irregular actions are here alleged as conspiratorial and criminal, and all said sequences are to be seen at:

Evaluation of these alleged grossly criminal FBI actions is included in the Criminal Complaint:
And in the book Chapter 12 are narrated at link:

Perhaps most easily for any present non-corrupt FBI persons in Utah to investigate are to determine the sources of
influence on Ralph Requa for his emphatically alleged court perjury and fraud upon the court plainly pursuant to planned
forthcoming receivership fraud, as indeed with it then in fact used therein for purposes of alleged criminal libel.

Also for most productive investigation are the ludicrous statements by Bowers in the attached Criminal Complaint and as also stated in Chapter 24 with transcripts from recordings of all said Bowers ludicrous falsehoods in hand as obtained through compusion from a television station in London.

Said Bowers' statements include many that would appear to refernce plainly corrupt/criminal FBI persons.
Orther Utah FBI events are fully narrated with some entertainment value at:
This above narratioo corrects the absurd Bowers' allegation regarding FBI persons who were not as he alleged in pursuit of this Complainant. FBI was fully provided with my wheerabouts and where to communicate -- as I was indeed seeking to meet with them.

It is thus also imperative to investigate recent possible/likely corrupt FBI influences brought to bear on Steven Davis after writing the following:

The issues are thus not of just certain RQN persons' plainly clear criminalizationm in 1993, but how plainly corrupt/criminal FBI persons are of evidence working jointly then with the corrupt RQN persons.

Sent: Tue, 28 May 2013 15:00
Subject: Re: Utah Court Docket 1993 / FBI Whistleblower
        The key attorney for Ray Quinney & Nebeker against your company, Banner International was Anthony Schofield, who managed the RQN Office in Provo, Utah.  To counter the connection of my father with the Requa/Hoover files, Utah Governor Leavitt appointed Anthony Schofield a Judge in the Utah County 4th District Court in 1994.
       As a Judge Schofield assisted the FBI to stay out of Utah County while RQN in Salt Lake allowed corrupt Mormon Employees at Barrick Gold, Newmont Mining and other mining companies, with law firms: Kirton & McConkie, Howard Lewis & Petersen, Nielsen & Senior, Van Cott Bagley in using the files for personal and financial gain.
         When Judge Anthony Schofield retired as a Judge of 13 years (2007), he set up the Utah County Offices of Kirton & McConkie and is has been the Director of that Office since the death of my father.  Judge Schofield personally presided over my father and mother's Probate Cases (both in 2006) and ruled against me (my attorney was Gary Weight, ESPLIN/WEIGHT law firm).
From: Steve Davis >
To: anglonevada <
Sent: Sun, 12 May 2013 20:04
Subject: Barrick and Newmont has some, too
There is zero question that others have part of the Requa/Hoover Files.  Big deal, Stephen.
The core in my Affidavits is that RQN had some of the files while Dr. H. Clyde Davis PhD examined them.........Clyde had many partners who became very wealthy and Clyde got nothing.
Having already met Bowers by April 30th, he wrote as follows concerning Bowers:
From: Steve Davis
To: anglonevada... Steve Davis
Sent: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 14:34
Subject: Re: Victoria Mine - 1800-1920 Largest Copper Mine
“...Roger Bowers knows nothing of my relationship with you.  I left a message on his phone dealing with his Geothermal participation with the University of Utah......as a cover to obtain as much up-dated information since the dinner meeting last year.
“I have no fear that I can get Roger Bowers to confess and cut a secret deal with me to take down those (RQN, Kirton*McConkie, Zions bank) which did all the dirty work behind the back of my father.......remember, Mormons believe they are "gods" and are justified in the Name of god.

As sent today to all concerned with the Criminal Complaint:

cc: Utah State Legislators
Following Extensive Program of Organized Criminal Libels on Complainant having been made to Steven Davis to disrupt planned joint Utah Legal Actions
Statement of Banner shareholder: "I think the old shareholders do realize the extent to which we were robbed, but felt helpless against frightfully insane crooked lawyers in high places... Now that you've pieced all the details of how the theft was masterminded, we needn't continue feeling helpless.."
ATTN: U.S. Attorneys Barlow & Kohler / Utah FBI
Ammended Criminal Complaint against Roger Bowers, Richard Caspar, and Ralph Requa
The following photo of Requa/Hoover Files boxes stamped by law office Ray Quinney & Nebeker and with Bowers as filmed with them, speaks for itself. The bulk of the Requa/Hoover Files were at RQN where Davis and his father had seen them “at least 8 times”, and from where they sent a few token ones to Bowers  (as pictured with RQN stamp on boxes) to maintain the Medley Court Fraud and Charade (and so that RQN was not to be suspected as having them after contriving the Medley Cort Fraud, but in fact did.
1) Said Bowers and Caspar were aware from where the R/H Files and the trivial boxes pictured had come, and thus from where the bulk of the R/H Files were being held (at RQN) as the result of many criminal acts associated with RQN obtaining them secretly and covertly by a judical fraud; the court proceedings were wholly fraudulent and criminal in all respects [including its appointment of a former RQN attorney, Caspar as the receiver]; RQN had no apparent or legitimate connection to them [Medley Actions];
2) This was, as evident in the picture, of certain knowledge to Bowers and assuredly Caspar;
3) Bowers is thus alleged as a major criminal accomplice over a lengthy period of time with said alleged organized criminal operation with the intent to maintain the cover-up of where the Requa/Hoover Files had in fact been concealed and the great extent and value of these historic files, as were covertly stolen with subsequent cover-ups, as is evident in the findings of Steven Davis and the pervasively evidenced and alleged crimes of Roger Bowers as a petty accomplice to whom no files of consequence would have been sent. Bowers' statements in book chapter are alleged as pervasively fraudulent to a deranged and criminal degree with assistance in their making: http://www.greatgoldgrab.com/Chapters24_25.pdf
Both Bowers and Caspar are thus equally, and of necessity, to be alleged as in fact criminally in the employ of RQN.
All the acts of the Receivership are thus to be alleged as in the Court Records to be seen, such as in the reports by Caspar to shareholders to have been fraudulently made in fact for the interests not of Banner shareholders, but rather those of RQN.
If Davis’ intention in his emails to get Bowers to confess and assist in “taking down RQN and Kirton McConkie”, and if this were known to the Davis-alleged RQN agent engaged previously against Banner International (Anthony Schofield) and then at Kirton McConkie, it would not perhaps be surprising for him to write a letter to Davis threatening his arrest as follows (perhaps pressure on Davis? Perhaps to discontinue his Banner/R/H Files investigations that were proceeding, as evidenced, in the direction of “taking him down”?