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From: hardybrghm@aol.com
To: Rep. Perry, L.,
Subject: Common Core
Date: 2013-02-19T03:52:45Z
Please get us out of Common Core.  Common Core is a national program which will take away even more local control than what has already been taken. 
When I started learning about socialism, I realized that our schools are a socialist system.  Before government took control, parents would come together and hire a teacher to teach their children.  Then the government got involved and forced everyone into the system, even if you didn't have children.  Then it went to the district level, then state, federal under President Carter and now on a national level with Pres. Obama's Common Core. 
Please help restore our educational system back where it belongs, on the local community level, between the parents and the teachers.  Help protect and support freedom!
DeAnna Hardy