From: Jeff Campbell
Subject: Letter of support for HJR008 and HB392
Date: Mon Mar 03 23:22:30 MST 2014

Dear Members of the House:

Two bills will come to the floor in the coming days, HR392 and HJR008. Both of these bills are extremely important and deserve your enhanced attention as they involve an Article V convention called by the states. Some voices are asking you to dismiss these two bills for fear of a run-away constitutional convention. I urge you, rather, to consider these two bills carefully, and to vote for both this session.

There is no question that spending at the Federal level is out of control. Many Utah citizens have long felt that a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, like HJR008, is a vital tool for restoring fiscal sanity to our nation. For years we have voiced these concerns to leaders in Washington, and yet nothing has changed; rather, our fiscal house is in greater disarray, and the need for solutions more pressing. America’s fiscal problems will not be solved in Washington. It is time for the states to act. Article V is exactly the tool that the Founders placed in the states’ hands for precisely the times in which we find ourselves.

There are some voices in Utah who, while supportive of a balanced budget amendment and in agreement with the challenges Utah faces due to the encroachment of the Federal Government, are concerned that an Article V call could devolve into a run-away constitutional convention. I believe that, thanks in large measure to these warnings over the years, the states are better prepared than ever to bring to pass a safe convention, limited to those amendments only that the state legislatures have collectively authorized in advance of the convention. Please find in the attached PDF document a few points detailing why an Article V convention will be a safe pathway for the states to use in their efforts to fulfill their Constitutional role as a check and balance on the Federal Government.

Representatives, I urge you to vote for HJR008 and HB392. The Constitution empowers you as state legislators to right the tilting ship that is the American Federal Government.  Bold action is not without risk, but at this moment in history, America must rely once again on the strength of her member States.  


Jeff Campbell

Spanish Fork, UT

Please vote for HJR008.pdf