From: Christian Porter
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: House Bill 0277
Date: Mon Mar 03 21:40:38 MST 2014

To Representative Sanpei,

My name is Christian Porter and I am a music therapy student at Utah State University.  It has come to my attention that House Bill 0277 (a bill regarding certification for music therapists in the state of Utah) is currently under attack by a group that claims that music therapy has no defined scope of practice and that this bill should not pass.


Nothing could be further from the truth.  I am attaching a PDF of the exact scope of practice that we work within as music therapists.  This PDF is taken from, a website that is published by the certification board for music therapists that outlines all the criteria and standards that a Music Therapist must meet before they are able to practice in the US.

I urge you to carefully read the document and vote with an informed understanding of what it is that we do in music therapy.

Thank you for your support of HB 0277,


Christian Porter

Music Therapy Student at Utah State University

CBMT Scope of Practice.pdf