From: Faith Eshelman
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB-228 Thank you
Date: Mon Mar 03 16:23:56 MST 2014
  • I just wanted to ask you to please consider voting  yes to HB-228. My childrens' education is important to me and it's important that those who are making big decisions that are going to affect my children are making the right decisions for my children. It's hard to entrust my children to the school system when I don't know their leaders. We haven't liked some of the big decisions that have changed education over the years. We have tried putting our children in public schools, charter schools and have homeschooled. I prefer the public school atmosphere best, but it's important to my husband and I to know the beliefs of the people "calling the shots" in our childrens' education: 
  • I would really like to know the State School Board member's party affiliation and about their philosophy towards education.  
  • It is really important for me to be able to vote for the State School Board members as you would any other candidate running for a state office -- I would especially welcome partisan elections for public servants that have so much control of my childrens' education.
  • Thank you for taking the time to voice my opinion and concerns.

  • Sincerely, 

  • Faith Eshelman