From: Maureen Hearns
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB-0277 Music Therapy Licensure Amendments
Date: Mon Mar 03 05:39:49 MST 2014

Dear Representative Sanpei,


We thank you for your attention to HB-0277 Music Therapist Licensure Amendments bill.  Attached you will find an information sheet outlining music therapy in Utah and the quest for state certification at this time.  In addition, please consider the following:


·         Music therapists are not able to practicein Utahaccording to their standards and scope of practice when employed by some state agencies because they are not recognized by the state.

·         Music therapists are required to complete coursework in music, psychology, anatomy, music therapy, human development, statistics, and complete 1200 supervised hours of clinical work before being eligible to sit for a National Board Exam and receive the credential MT-BC (music therapist-board certified).

·         Music therapists are being asked to return to school to complete a teaching degree in order to be able to serve the needs of special education students because the state does not formally recognize the profession and MT-BC credential.

·         The Utah Music Therapy Task Force presented to the Sunrise Committee on Sept. 17th, 2013requesting licensure or some form of recognition with the state.  The Sunrise Committee made no formal recommendation.

·         This bill seeks to strike a compromise by asking for state certification rather than full licensure, aligning itself with sentiments of caution from legislators.


Thank you for your support of this bill.




Maureen Hearns, MA, MT-BC, Co-chair

Letha Mark, MT-BC, Co-chair

Utah Music Therapy Task Force

Music Therapy Certification in Utah.docx