From: Patti Bateman
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB 228
Date: Sun Mar 02 01:36:41 MST 2014
HB 228 - Partisan School Board Elections
Utah's HB228, making the school board election partisan, is the most important education bill of this session. Thank you for bringing it back for another vote!

This bill would change how the State School Board is elected by allowing for a bi-partisan school board elections in the State School Board race.  
  If it passes, it would allow all candidates to be openly vetted in Utah's great caucus convention system and then held accountable.   Right now the general public has no way of influencing the State School board.

This is critically important.  The school board is responsible for administering 65% of our tax money in Utah and it warrants allowing the entire House to hear HB288.

Please vote to send this bill to the floor and allow the entire House to consider this bill.


Patti Bateman
193 East 1100 North
Pleasant Grove, Utah  84062