To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: House Bills
Date: Sun Mar 02 01:11:48 MST 2014
Representative Sanpei, As a citizen of this great state and as a parent and grand parent I am very concerned with corporate and federal government overreach. Having taught World, Advanced Placement European, and American History for some 35 years, I have both seen and experienced the determination by a few to bring our education system under federal control and to stifle the creativity of the individual for selfish reasons. We cannot allow corporate America the federal government to become involved in the educational matters of this state. We need you and our other representatives to stand up and make a difference. Common Core is an attempt by corporate interests and the Progressives (the Obama Administration) to override the 10th Amendment, which gives local communities, and the states in which they reside, the right to control education, and to place control of education under a federal umbrella. Please don't let this happen. I would encourage you to support HB 342, as sponsored by Representative Layton. As I am sure you are aware, this bill requires the State Board of Education to adopt revised core curriculum standards for English language arts and mathematics that are developed specifically for Utah. Again, please heed the voices of the teachers and parents of this state. I would also ask that you vote for HB 228. Our current system deprives citizens of getting onto the state board if they have differing views from the Governor’s selection committee. Currently, those who have differing opinions than those of the Governor's selection committee, and to a great extent, the State School Board, have no chance for success. Lastly, please vote against HB 131. We have no idea what the real cost of this technology will be, nor what the long term costs will be. It is also unclear who will select the curriculum. Will it remain under local control? Again it is a matter of corporate interests pushing this for their own financial gain. We need you and your collages to stand strong on these issues. If there is anything I can do to help you in these matters, please let me know. Thanks for all you do! Richard K. Keller 1167 West 200 North Clearfield, Utah