To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB228 Second Chance Vote to Leave Committee
Date: Sun Mar 02 00:24:27 MST 2014

Representative Sanpei:

We understand that there is to be another vote on Monday, March 3rd allowing HB228 to pass out of committee. Please let this bill be heard by the House.


 We feel it is very important that we as citizens be able to vote for our State School Board members instead of their being appointed by the Governor. Public servants, especially those who have so much control over the formal education of our children, should be chosen by the vote of parents and grandparents and not by the Executor of our state, and the Governor, of course, would be able to vote for them as well. As such, voters should know the political affiliation and therefore philosophy toward education of those running for the State School Board.


We are highly in favor of HB228.


Thank you for your consideration.

Jay and Dayle Sant

South Jordan, UT