From: Anna Barbieri
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB 417
Date: Fri Feb 28 15:42:09 MST 2014

Please vote against HB 417.  We don’t need another tool to evaluate “text complexity metric”.  Evaluating the reading level of students and literature is one of the first things a teacher learns to do to get their license.  Our Utah teachers aren’t stupid or need a technology provider (follow the money) to do their jobs for them.  All the while stripping teachers of their power to decide what their students need. 


Informational texts promoted by Common  Core limit the exposure of children to traditional, classical literature.  Have you read the options for informational texts in CC?  I have.  I was an English teacher many years ago.  Those texts are not appropriate, interesting, thought provoking or worthy of the stamp of great literature. 


The only stupid people in Utah would be those who promote HB 417…a million dollar waste of money.

Anna Barbieri