From: Kevin Nelson
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB112 E-cigarette Regulation - Tobacco Industry Tactics
Date: Fri Feb 28 12:18:53 MST 2014

Dear Representative Sanpei:

I am writing as a pediatrician at Primary Children's Hospital to urge you to HB112 Sub5.  This bill has support from a broad coalition of medical groups, including the Board of Primary Children's.

I wanted to make you aware that other substitutes may be introduced by Rep. Francis Gibson or others during floor debate today.  These substitutes will attempt to strip the state and local health departments’ ability to enforce product standards and identify retailers who sell to Utah kids. The source of these amendments is the Tobacco Industry.

I urge you tospeak in favor of HB 112 Sub 5 that is authored by Rep. Paul Ray and OPPOSE substitute bills that are put forth by Rep. Francis Gibson or others that strip the ability of the State and health departments to enforce HB112.     

As you know, the Tobacco Industry spends over $33 million a year in Utah to market deadly products to Utah children.  HB112 is about protecting children, from e-cigarettes that are designed, flavored and marketed to Utah kids.  Tobacco's marketing to children has worked, since Utah kids (even those who don't smoke) are using e-cigarettes at rates far higher than elsewhere in the nation.  This strategy from the tobacco industry to confuse the issue and strip the ability of health departments to enforce the HB112 Sub5 makes one thing clear:The basis of the tobacco industry’s business continues to be children.


Kevin Nelson, MD, PhD

Pediatrician, Primary Children’s Hospital