From: RaAnn Clegg
To: Jerry Anderson,
Subject: HB112
Date: Thu Feb 27 00:43:24 MST 2014

Dear Madame or Sir,

I have been a traditional smoker for over 26 years. Three years ago I switched to eCigarettes and have not smoked a traditional tar based cigarette since. 

As a Blind, BiPolar, person with high Anxiety and PTSD, my Psychiatrist told me to continue smoking because the nicotine helps lower the stress, anxiety level.  Since I found eCigs I have had the benefit of nicotine without the dangers of tar and carcenogenics.

I have found that with eCigs, I am able the spend more time with my non-smoking family.  I was reduced to going outside most of the time, bundled in blankets in the winter. Now I can be inside with my family. I also noticed within three days of moving to eCigs, a change for the better in my health.

The ease of my eCigs to carry, not have an open flame (being blind), the lack of tar/carcenogenics and smell, has made life easier.  If you were to eliminate these, I (and many like me) would be forced to go back to harmful traditional cigarettes.  I would not quit, but you would force me to spend more and to suffer health-wise

PLEASE vote NO on HB 112 because it hands wildly excessive powers to the Department of Health to set rules on electronic cigarette devices, batteries, battery chargers, component parts, etc. imported from other states.

HB 112 would represent an unfunded mandate on the Utah Department of Health. The bill would require the agency to issue product standard regulations, but does not provide the department with the money necessary to hire experts or fight lawsuits.

HB 112 is unlikely to survive a court challenge as a violation of the Interstate Commerce Clause.

I strongly opposed banning adults from purchasing electronic cigarettes on the Internet.  An online sales ban would result in smokers in Rural Parts of Utah being unable to purchase high-quality electronic cigarette products.

The sponsor of HB 112, Rep. Paul Ray, sponsored legislation in 2009 to ban sales of electronic cigarettes to adults.  While he now claims to simply be concerned about children, HB 112 goes beyond preventing youth access and is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Thank you Sincerely for your time.

RaAnn Clegg
159 W 200 S
Duchesne, UT 84021-1035