From: Gordon Staker
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB 388 - Solve Utah's Air Quality Problems with More Transit
Date: Wed Feb 26 14:38:54 MST 2014

Dear State Representative Sanpei,

A “Quarter for Clean Air” – Rep. Johnny Anderson’s HB388, lifts the cap on local-option sales tax funding by one quarter of one percent. This would enable counties to ask voters if they would like to expand public transit and would be a significant action taken by you to clean our air.

We know that vehicle emissions produce 57% of air pollution during inversions. Increased public transit attacks this problem head-on and will have immediate benefits.

A quarter cent funding boost, if approved by voters, would result long-term in a 68% overall increase in service and a projected 89% increase in ridership. These improvements would remove 344,000 tons of emissions, and reduce auto-related pollutants by an additional 74% by taking an additional 84,000 vehicles off our roads. A multitude of other benefits would occur in our communities.

This is a unique opportunity to immediately move the dial on air quality and do what Utah does best – collaborate to accomplish big things. In the interest of improved air quality and mobility, we encourage you to support Rep. Johnny Anderson’s HB388.

Sincerely, Gordon Staker Staker Parson Companies 3195 E Deer Ridge Pl Sandy, UT 84092