From: Lee Allen
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB 121 Air Quality
Date: Sun Feb 23 22:10:51 MST 2014

Dean, I urge you to proceed with caution on the above bill. It looks to me like an invitation for the extremists to influence or dictate governmental sanctions on the rest of us without
any improvement in air quality, which is much improved in recent years and looks bad only  because of EPA's changing standards. These standards based on dubious "studies."
I am particularly concerned that "studies" may be used as a cause for imposing new sanctions. In the last two weeks examples of "studies" have been quoted in the Deseret News. One claimed that one fireplace caused as much pollution as 90,000 home furnaces and the other that murders will rise 2.1% by 2090 because of global warming.

I suggest that if it must pass a provision be included that requires empiric evidence that a certain restriction resulted in a measurable  improvement and, if not, the restriction cannot be used again.

I would like to see the DNR, which so often in the past has caved to stupid requirements from the EPA be required to present explicit evidence of bad health effects caused by our
so called bad air.

Thanks, Lee Allen