From: Richard Nielsen
To: Dean Sanpei,
Subject: HB 228
Date: Sun Feb 23 15:43:55 MST 2014
Rep. Sanpei,
I’m emailing you to ask for your support of HB 228.  I think this is a very important step in making Utah’s education system more responsive to the wishes of the families whose children are in the system and who want a voice in determining what direction their education will take them.  As it now stands the State Board of Education give very little heed to the wishes of the parents and families in what and how education should be administered to the students.  I think it’s important that we know the political affiliations and leanings of those who are running for the state board of education as well.  I also don’t like the fact that we get to choose from 2 people who to vote for after being vetted by the governor.  The people should do the vetting.  I am totally against the state board adopted Common Core which they chose to implement here in Utah and the state board members voted unanimously to implement and thought that those who were against it were “tin-foil-hat” groups and stated derisively so.  I think it’s just as important that we know the political leanings and philosopies of the state board members as any other office seeker.  I therefore urge you to vote in favor of HB 228.
Thank you and please feel free to respond.  I’d like to know where you stand on this issue.
Richard Nielsen