From: Ann Watson
Subject: HB228
Date: Sun Feb 23 15:23:37 MST 2014
We are writing you today because we understand that you are on the House Education Committee.  We would like to urge you to please vote to pass HB228 out of committee.  We would like to see our state school board candidates go thru the same process and be elected like everyone else.  We feel this would be a very good and important change.  We have a republic which is a representative form of government.  In a partisan election, delegates are elected who then are able to closely examine and vet the candidates for us.  We feel that non partisan elections are only good for small local areas where the voters can actually meet the candidates running for elected office.  This is not possible for our state school board candidates, because our areas are so large.  With an election as important as the school board elections, we see a great improvement for the citizens of our great state, if this were to become a partisan election.

Thank you,
David & Ann Watson
Eagle Mountain, UT