From: Kerry Baum
To: Kerry Baum,
Subject: HB342
Date: Fri Feb 21 20:25:51 MST 2014

Please pass Dana Layton’s bill HB 342 on the Powers and Duties of the State Board of Education. This is the bill that lets Utah get its own unique state standards. It “requires the State Board of Education, on or before July 1, 2016, to adopt revised core curriculum standards for English language arts and mathematics that are developed specifically for Utah.”


This bill will allow Utah to create its own high quality standards and not be beholden to outside special interest groups that have used Federal bribery through Race to the Top to get us onto Common Core. Common Core isn’t even a complete set of math standards, it’s not college or career ready, and the ELA standards place undue emphasis on informational texts which is not helpful for children’s love of learning.


Colonel (US Army Ret) Kerry R. and Dr. Lynda S. Baum

10938 North 5870 West

Highland, UT 84003